2020.1 API Programmer's Guide

Elements to Solvermasses

The LS-DYNA keywords *ELEMENT_INTERTIA, *ELEMENT_INERTIA_OFFSET, *ELEMENT_MASS, *ELEMENT_MASS_NODE_SET, *ELEMENT_MASS_PART and *ELEMENT_MASS_PART_SET have been mapped from the element entity to the solvermass entity. See the solvermasses data names documentation for more details.

Scripts that created or queried the element entity for this keyword must be updated to use the solvermass entity. Note that solver ID pools are no longer required with this new entity type as well. Below are a few examples.

To create a *ELEMENT_MASS keyword, create a solvermass entity with config 105:
*createentity solvermass config=105
Multiple child masses can be created by created by adding nodes to the parent mass:
*setvalue solvermass id=1 entityids= {nodes 1 2 3}
To assign masses all at once:
*setvalue solvermass id=1 masses={0.2 0.0 0.0}
To create a *ELEMENT_MASS_NODE_SET keyword, create a solvermass entity with config 102:
*createentity solvermass config=102
To create a *ELEMENT_MASS_PART keyword, create a solvermass entity with config 103:
*createentity solvermass config=103
To create a *ELEMENT_MASS_PART_SET keyword, create a solvermass entity with config 104:
*createentity solvermass config=104
To create a *ELEMENT_INERTIA keyword, create a solvermass entity with config 106:
*createentity solvermass config=106
To create a *ELEMENT_INERTIA_OFFSET keyword, create a solvermass entity with config 106 and offsetoption as true:
*createentity solvermass config=106 offsetoption=true
To set the xx component for *ELEMENT_INERTIA:
*createentity solvermasses config=106
set id [hm_latestentityid solvermasses]
*setvalue solvermasses id=$id compxx=0.05
To assign the node set ID to *ELEMENT_MASS_NODE_SET:
*setvalue solvermasses id=$id setid={sets 2}
To modify the final translational mass for *ELEMENT_MASS_PART:
*setvalue solvermasses id=$id STATUS=2 finalmass=0.004


In a future release, the HWAT package will no longer be automatically sourced at product invoke. It is required that all scripts using HWAT add the following line before calling any HWAT APIs:
package require hwat

New Commands

Modified Commands

The following commands have modified behavior that potentially require script updates:

The following commands have new options or enhanced capabilities. Existing scripts are not affected and only need to be updated if usage of the new functionality is desired:
  • Comparison
    • hm_getmatching - Added new options compareType, encoding_algorithm, sphhar_bandwidth, sphhar_fallof, sphhar_radii and sphhar_resolution. Added new searchMethod ByEncoding.
  • Composites
  • Data Names
    • All entities now have a solverkeyword data name.
    • contactgroups - Added new data names adjust_to_clearance, adjust_to_interference, adjust_type, adjust_val, adjust_val_real, auto_shrink, clearance, constraint_type, constraint_type_explicit, critical_penetration, formulation, friction_id, initial_state, initial_state_tol, interference, penalty_scale_factor, penalty_scale_factor_explicit, reference_value_ratio, search_angle, search_depth, search_gap, search_width, surface_behavior, tying_type, type and use_thickness. Added new config value 601.
    • ddvals - Added new data names ddrangemax, ddvaluesmax, drangefrom, drangeing, drangeto and valuesdouble.
    • designpointmethods - Added new category value beam.
    • designpointsets - Added new data names beamtype and outputtableids. Added new config values 1 and 2.
    • failures - Added new data names C0, f_cutoff, f_flag and xscale.
    • frictions - Added new data names c1_2, c2_2, c3_2, c4_2, c5_2, c6_2, e_coef, elastic_slip, fric_2, friction, friction_format, friction_style, friction_table, friction_type, Grpart_Part_Type, Idor, iorthmax_shear, maxshear_format, maxshear_style, maxshear_table, n_orient, phi, slip_tolerance, skew_id, vis_f_2, vx, vy and vz. Added new config value 601.
    • interfacelinkings - Added new config values 104 and 105 and entityid support for config 105. Added new data names fx, fy, fz, localflag, locnode, locsystem, usecordnate and usenode.
    • laminates - Added new data name sequenceids.
    • modules - Added new data name excludeshowhidestate.
    • plies - Enumerated the values for the type data name.
    • positions - Added new data names idoplist and oplis_selection.
    • responses - Added new data names maximumfrequency, minimumfrequency and modenumber. Added new response values 9, 10 and 11.
    • rigidwalls - Added new data names HEIGHT, NSEGS and VL.
    • solvermasses - Added new config values 101-106. Added new data names componentid, compxx, compxy, compxz, compyy, compyz, compzz, csid, curveid, distribution, finalmass, location_unit_solvermass, nodalgroupid, nodeid, offsetoption, totalmass, xoffset, yoffset and zoffset.
    • structuralproperties - Added new config values 100 and 500. Added new data names sebeamsect, sematerial and tableid. Added length support for config 100.
  • General/Core
  • Geometry
  • Graphics/GUI
  • Meshing
    • hm_measureshortestdistance - Added support for elements to entity_type1 and entity_type2.
    • hm_measureshortestdistance2 - Added support for elements to entity_type.
    • *align1delemsbysystem - Added new options angledeviation , vectorx, vectory, vectorz, xcomp, ycomp and zcomp. Added new align value vec.
    • *createelements1d - Added new option orientvec. Clarified the behaviors for useshell.
    • *line_mesh_decimator - Added new option ConsiderEdgeConformal2DElems.
    • *midmesh_extract - Added new options DefeatureRibsWidth, DefeatureRibsWidthFactor and StepOffsetMode. Deprecated FlattenConnections=2.
    • *midmesh_repair - Added new mode values AlignEdgeToMidOfLines and AlignToMid. RepairFace now reevaluates created sets for changes. Added new SplitByNodeEdge mode value 4 and new option SplitPoint.
    • *setusefeatures - Added new mode values 8 and 9.
    • *tetmesh - Added new parameter shell_dev to the pars string. The tet string parameters max_size, min_height, and min_size are now active optimization targets, instead of just passive split constraints. Multiple criteria are now allowed for regular tetra meshing.
  • Multiple Models

Deprecated Commands