Command Files

The HWC log file contains a record of the HWC Console activity. It can be turned on/off using the Log to File context menu option in the HWC Console.

Alternative, you can record the HWC commands in Tcl syntax into a Tcl file, where the HWC commands have the “hwc” wrapper as a prefix. The file location is handled as it is for the HWC command file (see HWC Command File Location).

HWC Command File Location

The default filename for the HWC log file is hw_command.hwc. This file is saved by default to your working directory if you select the Log to HWC File option. Use the environment variable HW_COMMANDFILE_DIR to change the default save location.

Use the following options to change the environment variable HW_COMMANDFILE_MODE:
Any existing command file is appended (default).
Any existing command file is overwritten instead of appended.
A new command file is generated with the name hw_command_<timestamp>_<username>.hwc.

Figure 1. HWC Command Files with HW_COMMANDFILE_MODE=unique