Execute HWC Files

You can run HWC command files in the following ways:

File Menu Support

  1. From the File menu, select Run > HWC File to execut the HWC command.

Figure 1. Run HWC Files from the File Menu

Custom Menus

Menus used to execute customized HWC scripts can be loaded from a customized preference file, preference.mvw. From the File menu, select Load > Preference File to display the Preferences dialog. From this dialog, register and load the preference.mvw file.

The *MenuItem() command supports this, with HWC as a new file type. An example file is shown below:
*Id("HyperWorks", "20.")
         *BeginMenu(dummy, "Demo")
              *MenuItem(dummy, "Demo HWC", HWC, "c:/…./demo_script.hwc")

The menu item is displayed in the menu bar:

Figure 2. Run HWC Files from a Customized Menu