Optimization with MotionView and MotionSolve

In the 2022.1 release, MotionSolve has new capabilities for optimizing multibody systems.

Optimization is a process by which certain variables of a system are varied to achieve desired system behavior. The variables that are varied are called Design Variables (DVs). The system outputs that are monitored are called Response Variables (RVs). An optimized system is achieved when a design is found that minimizes Response Variables known as Objectives while satisfying Constraints that also defined with Response Variables.
To perform system optimization, you first create a nominal working model with a known initial design and then proceed to execute an Optimization Study that involves five steps:

Figure 1.
The above steps are encapsulated in the Optimization Wizard in MotionView 2022.1. This wizard provides an intuitive and step-by-step approach to performing the above steps. The Optimization Wizard can be accessed by:
  • Right-clicking on Model in the Project Browser and choosing Optimization Wizard

    Figure 2.
Once launched, the Optimization Wizard (shown below) guides you with the setup and solution of the optimization problem in a step-by-step manner.

Figure 3.
The wizard ensures that you will complete steps in a specific order. You cannot move to the next step without completing the current step. The state of each step is indicated by one of the symbols shown below.
A red cross indicates that this step cannot be accessed; you have to complete the previous step(s) to perform this action.
An empty check box indicates that this is the current step that you are working on.
A green check mark indicates that this step has been sufficiently completed and you can proceed to the next step.

Additional information about each step is provided in the following sections.