OS-E: 0110 Elastic-Plastic Large Displacement Analysis

Large displacement analysis of a dog-bone type tensile coupon with elastic-plastic material properties is demonstrated in this example.

Figure 1. Tensile Dog-bone Finite Element Model

Model Files

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The model file used in this example includes:


Model Description

The coupon undergoes a simulated tensile test, where one end is held via a series of single point constraints – colored in blue in Figure 1. The other end is drawn along the positive x-axis via an enforced displacement applied at the center of the rigid element – colored in green in Figure 1.

The enforced displacement loading is applied via two subcases. The first subcase applies SPCD displacement of 0.2117, which is in the elastic domain, and then subcase 2 goes up to SPCD displacement of 17 mm (which includes plastic deformation).
FE Model
The material properties are:
Young’s Modulus
210,000 N/mm
Poisson's Ratio
306 N/mm
Plastic Strain
TABLES1 data


As expected, the coupon is elongated by 17 mm resulting in a maximum strain (von Mises) of 0.1262 – illustrated in Figure 2 and 780 MPa of stress (von Mises).

Figure 2. Elastic-plastic Element Strain (von Mises) Contour Plot