OS-E: 0010 Wheel Rail Interface using Fast Contact

Demonstrates the use of Fast Contact (FASTCONT). The Wheel Rail interface model is used for meshing using only hexahedral elements.

To study the contact pressure and traction apply the pressure load on the wheel along with symmetric boundary condition, while the rail is fully constrained. Contact is defined between the wheel and the rail.

Figure 1. FE Model

Figure 2. FE Model

Model Files

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The model file used in this example includes:


Model Description

FE Model
Element Type
The linear material properties are:
Young’s Modulus
2.1E5 MPA
Poisson's Ratio
Initial Density
7.85E-9 Mg/mm3

"When two non-conforming solids are brought into contact they touch initially at a single point or along a line. Under the action of the slightest load they deform in the vicinity of their point of first contact so that they touch over an area which is finite though small compared with the dimensions of the two bodies." (Johnson, 1987)


Analytical solution via Hertz Theory (crossed cylinders):

Figure 3. Stress Results and Contact Area

Figure 4. Comparing Analytical Solution with the Nominal Model
Quality of the results and performance compared with and without the use of FASTCONT.

Figure 5. Contact Traction Contour

The contact traction contour on the rail shown in Figure 5. The quality of the results is maintained well with FASTCONT.

As shown in Figure 6, observe that there is significant performance improvement when FASTCONT is used.

Figure 6. Performance Comparison Table