Engine Keyword Generates animation files containing plastic strain as function of a shell element integration point.




Field Contents SI Unit Example
Keyword4 Integration point location for all properties except composites. Layer location when composite properties are used. 1 2
Integration point number or Layer number for composites properties
Integration point or Layer for composites properties
Lower Integration point or Layer for composites properties
All integration point or layers for composite properties.
Keyword5 Integration point location. Only used for composite properties, /PROP/TYPE51, or /PCOMPP. 3 4
Number of integration points through layer, N
Upper integration point (NIP) of the upper layer, N
Lower integration point (NIP ) of the lower layer, N
All the integration points (NIP) through the layer, N


  1. For composite properties, layer numbers start at 1 and increase numerically in the order defined in /PROP/TYPE9 (SH_ORTH), /PROP/TYPE10 (SH_COMP), /PROP/ TYPE11 (SH_SANDW), /PROP/TYPE16 (SH_FABR), /PROP/TYPE17 (STACK), /PROP/TYPE51, or /PCOMPP.
  2. For fully integrated BATOZ shells, Ishell=12, the output value is the average of the in-plane Gauss points.
  3. For /PROP/TYPE51 or /PCOMPP composite properties, if Keyword5 is not defined.

    If Keyword4=ALL, the result is output for all layers and the value per layer is the average value of the through thickness integration points in the layer.

    If Keyword4=LOWER, the result is the value of the first integration point of the first layer.

    If Keyword4=UPPER, the result is the value of the last integration point of the last layer.

  4. Keyword5 limitations:

    It can only be used with /PROP/TYPE51 or /PCOMPP composite properties and only if Keyword4=N, the layer number. However, Keyword4=ALL can be combined with Keyword5=ALL to output all layers and all integration points. If Keyword5=ALL, results for 10 integration points will be output, even if less integration points were defined in each layer and thus some results will be zero.