Engine Keyword Generates input files for flexible bodies from eigenmodes and static modes computation.






Field Contents SI Unit Example
EIGID1EIGIDN Identification number of eigenmodes and static modes computation problem defined in Radioss Starter (/EIG).

The corresponding flexible body will have the same support as that defined in the /EIG. Local reduction modes for this flexible body will be those requested in the /EIG. If static modes are requested, they will be orthogonalized with respect to mass matrix.

CDAMP1CDAMPN Critical structural damping coefficient.

It is used to compute Rayleigh damping coefficients to be used on the flexible body from the lowest and the highest local eigen frequencies.


ITYP1ITYPN Computed flexible body type. A flexible body is either fully free or fully blocked. See Flexible Body Input File for details about IBLO variable.
= 0
Flexible body variable IBLO is set automatically by Radioss from the kernel of the stiffness matrix.
= 1
Flexible body variable IBLO is forced to 0 (the flexible body is free of blockage and its finite overall rotations and translations are computed).
= 2
Flexible body variable IBLO is forced to 1 (the flexible has no rigid body modes).