Engine Keyword Identifies the run number.


/RUN/Run Name/Run Number/Restart Letter



Field Contents SI Unit Example
Run Name Character variable that identifies the problem solved.

(Character, minimum 4; maximum 80 characters)

Run Number The run numbers

1, 2, ...


Restart Letter (Optional) Restart file identifier
= I, J, K
If several restarts were saved in the previous run.
Tstop Final time for the run.  


  1. If using MADYMO- Radioss coupling, the final run time taken into account is not Tstop, but the final time defined in MADYMO input.
  2. Restart letter could be I, J, K, ...
    = J
    Run Restart with Runname_0001_J.rst
    = K
    Run Restart with Runname_0001_K.rst

    These Restart files are saved in previous run by using /RFILE.