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Latest features available with Altair Access™ Desktop.
About  Access Desktop
Altair Access Desktop provides a simple, powerful and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs.
Video tutorials to help you get started with Access Desktop.
Supported platforms and hardware requirements for using Access Desktop.
Supported product configurations for using Access Desktop.
Log into Access Desktop and register an HPC cluster so that you can begin submitting jobs to the Workload Manager.
Upgrade to the latest version of Access Desktop after receiving a notification that an upgrade is available.
Schedule jobs to run on an HPC cluster by submitting them to the Workload Manager.
Monitor the status of your jobs, monitor memory and core utilization, view a list of job files, or view a list of job details.
Terminate and remove unwanted jobs.
Add, update, or delete HPC clusters.
Create and remove job profiles.
Set the user Access Desktop preferences.
Application definitions are a predefined set of instructions to describe application parameters, store responses and prepare responses for job execution.