Keyboard Shortcuts

Define shortcuts to common operations.


To do this Press
Open Ctrl + O
New Ctrl + N
Import Ctrl + I
Save Ctrl + S
Save As F12
Save All Ctrl + Shift + F12
Save a Copy As... F9
Save Selected Shift + F12
Close Ctrl + W
Close All Ctrl + Shift + W
Exit Ctrl + Q


To do this Press
Redo Ctrl + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete Delete
Rename F2
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Switch Ctrl + T

Edit Blocks

To do this Press
Super Block Ctrl + B
Expand Super Block Ctrl + Alt + X
Show Name Ctrl + L
Flip Ctrl + F
Rotate Right Ctrl + R
Rotate Left Ctrl + Shift + R
Auto Mask Ctrl + M
Remove Mask Ctrl + U
Restore Mask Ctrl + Shift + M
Left Ctrl + Shift + L
Right Ctrl + Shift + R
Bottom Ctrl + Shift + Down
Top Ctrl + Shift + Up
Vertical Ctrl + Shift + V
Horizontal Ctrl + Shift + H


To do this Press
Run Ctrl + E
Compile Ctrl + Alt + C


To open Press
OML Editor Ctrl + H
Model dialog Ctrl + Alt + M
Context dialog Ctrl + Alt + D
Setup dialog Ctrl + Alt + S
Debug File Viewer Ctrl + Shift + D


To view Press
Maximize Window Ctrl + Alt + 6
Restore Window Alt + Shift + X
Full Screen Shift + F11
Split Vertical Ctrl + Alt + V
Split Horizontal Ctrl + Alt + Z
Split Window Ctrl + Alt + W
New Window Ctrl + Alt + N


To open Press
Help Ctrl + F1


To do this Press
Close All (Ignore Messages) Ctrl + Shift + F4

Dock Windows

To open Press
Project Browser Ctrl + F2
Property Editor F3
Python Window F4
Command History Ctrl + Alt + H
Variable Browser Ctrl + Alt + R
OML Command Window F8
File Browser Ctrl + Alt + F
Demo Browser F7

Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts

You can modify the default keyboard shortcuts in the Preferences dialog.

  1. From the menu bar, select File > Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences dialog that appears, under Category, select Keyboard Shortcuts.
  3. Select a shortcut that you want to modify and enter a new value.