Vehicle Safety Tools

The Vehicle Safety Tools (VST) is a collection of over 200 macros, Templex functions, and external functions for use by a vehicle safety engineer.

The toolkit contains many basic curve operations, current injury assessment mechanisms, and several additional data transformation features. After opening the VST file, the menus that contain the macros and functions are displayed on the toolbar.

To load the vehicle safety tools, open the Vehicle Safety Tools preference file.

In HyperGraph, the VST macros and functions can also be accessed from the Macro list on the Plot Macros panel in addition to the menu bar. The parameters associated with the selected macro or function are displayed in the Parameters list. Before executing some macros and functions, you may need to enter additional parameter information. When you execute a plot macro or function by clicking Apply, the macro or function uses the parameters to create curves and notes within the session. Undo reverses the implementation of the plot macro. See the Plot Macro panel in HyperGraph for more information on working with macros.