HyperGraph 2D Toolbars

The HyperGraph 2D toolbars provide quick access to commonly used panels and tools.

The following toolbars are available:

Chart Selector

The HyperGraph 2D Chart Selector toolbar allows you to select one of four plot types: XY Plot, Bar Chart, Complex Plot, and Polar Plot.

XY Plot is the default plot type.
Figure 1.


The Curves toolbar provides quick access to HyperGraph 2D panels. The panels available depend on the plot type currently selected. To access a panel, click on the corresponding panel icon from the toolbar.

Figure 2.


The Annotations toolbar provides quick access to the following HyperGraph 2D panels:
Figure 3.
See Annotations Menu for more information.

The HyperGraph 2D toolbars are dockable, meaning they can be positioned anywhere within the window by hovering over the four dots, , and dragging them with your mouse to its new location.