Custom Wizard Statements

Custom wizards allow you to define data processing wizards for use in MotionView sessions. Custom wizards can access data from, and output data to, files and curves in a session using data sets, templates, user-defined forms, curves, procedures and systems.

The *FlowControl() block in a custom wizard definition determines the order in which user-defined forms are displayed. Custom wizards can be registered for use in a session using the *RegisterCustomWizard() statement in the preference file.

Registered custom wizards are accessed through Custom Wizards in the Tools menu. Each panel in a custom wizard has a Next, Previous, Close, and Finish button. You have the option of disabling any of these buttons. The Finish button executes a procedure with the variable name PROC_FINISH (if present) when you exit the custom wizard.

The statements for custom wizards consist of MDL model statements in addition to the custom wizard statements.