MDL Command Set Statements

MDL command set statements are used to create a solver command file when a solver input deck is exported from MotionView. A command set can contain MDL command set statements, Templex templates, or a combination of both. The commands in a command set are exported to the solver command file.

The command set definition as well as instantiation must be within a DefineAnalysis block. A DefineAnalysis block can contain multiple command sets, but MotionView allows only one command set to be active at a time, as indicated in the *SetActiveCommandSet() statement. When the solver input deck is exported, MotionView creates an .acf file, for example ADAMS, that contains the elements that are in the active command set.

A *DefineCommandSet() block can contain two types of data:
  • A MDL command set statement such as *SetForce(), *SetMotion(), *SetState(), *SetSolverVariable(), and *Simulate().
  • A Templex template which is obtained by passing the template into the *CommandSet() statement in much the same way that entities are passed into Systems and Analyses.