HyperMesh allows you to create a script file named hmcustom.tcl that can be used to automatically execute a series of commands or to define custom settings during startup.

When HyperMesh is started, if first runs all other startup procedures, options and commands, and then looks for the hmcustom.tcl file. This file is then processed as the absolute last step of the HyperMesh startup process. The hmcustom.tcl file may contain any relevant Tcl commands or procedures that you desire.

HyperMesh uses the following search order to find the hmcustom.tcl file. If copies exist in multiple locations, each one is run in sequence in the following order:
  • HW_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
  • Home directory
  • Start-in directory

In addition to using the hmcustom.tcl approach, the -tcl option can be used to automatically run a Tcl script at startup. The -tcl option will execute before any hmcustom.tcl.