HyperMesh has a configuration file named hm.cfg, which is read on startup and is located in the <install_directory>/hm/bin/<platform> directory. The hm.cfg file controls certain aspects of how HyperMesh runs. Editing this file allows certain preferences to be used each time HyperMesh is started.

Each of the hm.cfg Commands begins with an asterisk and is followed by a set of parentheses that enclose its arguments. A command can be turned into a comment by removing the asterisk (*) preceding the command. The commands are not sensitive to their location in the file. They may begin in any column, with each command occupying one line, or all of the commands may be on one line. The following commands are an example of a partial hm.cfg file:
  • *menufont(2)
  • *titlefont(3)
  • *graphicfont(1)

HyperMesh accesses the configuration file only during startup. Any running sessions of HyperMesh must be restarted before any changes take effect for that session.

HyperMesh uses the following search order to find the hm.cfg file. If copies exist in multiple locations, only the first one found in the search order is used:
  1. Start-in directory
  2. Home directory
  3. Customization paths
  4. Installation directory