Add a Team Library

You can connect to a team library that was already created by your system administrator or team administrator.

The steps below need to be performed only once to add a team library. Once the library is added, it is visible in the library selection list for further usage.

  1. Open the desired HyperMesh or HyperWorks application and open the Organize tab.
    • Click View > Browsers > HyperWorks > Organize for HyperWorks Desktop applications.
    • Click Applications > Organize for HyperMesh.
  2. Select Personal from the Repository selection list.
  3. Click the selection list button from the Library selection list.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Point to the mapped network drive and select the *.ldb DM library file to open the library.
  6. Click Open to finish adding the library.
    The new team library is available in the library selection list.