Back Up and Restore a Personal Database

  1. Quit any open HyperWorks sessions that might be referring to the desired library.
    The indexing service may run after HyperWorks is closed. It might be necessary to kill this process if you want to back up your library before the service stops on its own. To do so, search for and end the javaw.exe process associated with the indexing service.
  2. Browse to the folder on the operating system where your library is.
  3. Select the top library folder and zip the folder.
    You can also copy the folders, without zipping them, to another location to back them up and store them.
    The library, in its current state, including all contents, files, and metadata, is backed up. You can easily revert to this state by deleting the library from the Organize browser, unzipping the backed up library, and adding the existing library in the Organize browser.