Publish Contents From the Manage Button

Use the Manage button to directly save or check in contents and files to libraries, without the need to save the file first and then publish it to a library separately.

The Manage button is an extension of the out-of-the-box file dialogs. It is analogous to the Explore dialog, which is used to search for files at open and import.

  1. Click Manage on the dialog.
  2. Select a repository.
  3. Select the desired library.
  4. Select the desired Workspace, if a managed library is selected.
  5. Use the Type or Query fields to help you view existing contents or structure in the library.
  6. Choose the desired folder for the content/file to be saved.
  7. Enter a File name.
  8. Optional: Check Parse Document. If Parse Document is checked, the file being added to the library is parsed by the appropriate parser and metadata is extracted and added to the newly created content.
  9. Optional: Check Display Preview before Checkin. If Display Preview before Checkin is checked, the appropriate new content dialog displays so information can be reviewed before being saved to the library.
  10. Click Check In.
    The new content is published to the selected library in the selected location. Contents that already exist in libraries can be updated by following the same process as outlined above when using File > Save, File > Save As, and File > Export options.