Search Total Materia

An out-of-the-box Total Materia Connector is available and can be used to connect to existing Total Materia instances, if available, query for and retrieve material data directly into HyperMesh.

  1. Open the Explore dialog.
    Note: Enabling the Total Materia repository requires the license feature Partner0236. When adding a new Total Materia repository, the host name is
  2. Click Login.
  3. Enter text to search on in the Query field.
  4. Select Standard and Language from the lists.
  5. Click Simple query.
    Materials matching the query criteria are returned.
  6. Expand the material name to expose its Mechanical and Physical Properties.
  7. Select the desired subgroup and continue expanding to reveal the conditions.
  8. Select the desired condition to show the Properties for that condition.
  9. Right-click on the desired condition to add its Properties for export.
  10. Repeat the steps above for all desired Mechanical and Physical Properties.
    Note: Adding the same property, for example Young’s Modulus, more than once results in overwriting the previous selection of that property.
  11. Right-click the Material and select Display Added Properties to show the selected properties.
  12. Select the desired Material Card from the available list.
    A limited set of OptiStruct material cards are currently supported.
  13. Click Open.
    A Material file, solver deck snippet, is generated and exported to the specified output directory and can now be imported into HyperMesh.