Starts the definition of a Utility menu macro.


*beginmacro (name)


HyperMesh Utility Menu Command


The name of the macro.


To define a macro that will read in the passed filename ($1), and set the view:

*viewset( 0.155815, -0.837776, 0.523310, 0.000000, 0.770903, -0.228101, -0.594708, 0.000000, 0.617600, 0.496086, 0.610303, 0.000000, -314.335103, 1025.278697, 371.660590, 1.000000, -104.720170, 134.274912, 749.720170, 672.065084)

A macro may contain any valid command file command.

The *createbutton and *createbuttongroup commands allow you to specify the macro to call when the button is selected. When optional arguments are specified for the button, you may use the variables $1, $2, and so on to specify where the arguments should be substituted.