Specifies the HyperMesh panel to display on the menu.


*enterpanel (name)


HyperMesh Utility Menu Command


The name of the HyperMesh panel.


*enterpanel("geom cleanup")

When this command is used in a macro, it should be the last call made. Any commands following the *enterpanel command are skipped.

The panel name may be one of the following:
accels edges mask section cut
airbag edit attrib mass calc sensors
align node edit element masses Shape DV
animate elem cleanup moments Size DV
apply result elem offset node edit skin
assemblies elem types normals smooth
automesh ellipsoid numbers solid map
axes entity sets objective solid mesh
bars equations optimization solver
beam xsect faces order change spheres
build menu fatigue organize spin
card edit fd blocks output block spline
check elems features penetration split
circles files permute spotweld
control cards fillets plane springs
collectors find planes summary
color flux position super elems
composites forces pressures surf lines
cones gaps project surface edit
config edit geom cleanup rbe3 systems
config selec hidden line reflect tangents
constraints HyperBeam remap temp nodes
contour id offsets rename temp_topo
convert interfaces renumber temperatures
count intersect reorder tetramesh
create nodes joints reparam title edit
cut planes legend edit replace titles
data curves length replay topography
debug line drag rigid body topology
defeature line edit rigid walls torus
deformed line mesh rigids transient
delete linear 1d rods translate
dependency linear solid rotate vector plot
detach lines ruled vectors
distance load steps safety velocities
drag load types scale welds
dummy   seatbelt xy plots