10.0-SA1-120 API Programmer's Guide

New Commands

Modified Commands

  • Ext API
    • HM_ExtAPI::GenerateMesh()- The HM_GM_OPTS_IGNORE_ERR option has been modified. For the case of mapping errors, an attempt is made to identify HyperMesh surfaces corresponding to mesh areas that failed to be constructed without errors. If all of the input mesh areas except the degenerate (zero area) areas are identified, then only HyperMesh surfaces corresponding to the mesh areas are meshed. If some of the other non-degenerate mesh areas still can not be identified, then the entire model is meshed.
  • General/Core
    • hm_getentityarray/hm_getmarkarray - Have been updated to support the following data names:
      • beamsections:
      • shell sections: equation_DependentVertex, equation_IndependentCount, equation_IndependentVertices, equation_UnparsedEquation, equation_VariableCount, equation_Varaibles, part_FinalFlangeLength, part_InitialFlangeLength, part_Name, part_NonFlangeLength, part_Thickness, part_ThicknessMaximum, part_ThicknessMinimum, part_VertCount, part_Vertices, shell_VariableInitials, shell_VariableMaxima, shell_VariableMinima, shell_VariableNames, shell_VertexYInitials, shell_VertexZInitials, shell_VertexYMaxima, shell_VertexZMaxima, shell_VertexYMinima, shell_VertexZMinima
      • solid sections: solid_NodeCords, solid_Quad4Nodes, solid_Quad8Nodes, solid_Tria3Nodes, solid_Tria6Nodes
      • standard sections: standard_ParameterInitials, standard_ParameterMaxima, standard_ParameterMinima
      • results: results_areaEnclosed
    • controlvols: elemids, refnodes
  • Meshing
  • Template
    • hm_attributearray2dcols/hm_attributearray2drows/hm_attributearray2dvalue/hm_attributearraylength/hm_attributearrayvalue - Have been updated to accept both attribute names and IDs.