10.0-SA1-130 API Programmer's Guide

New Commands

Modified Commands

  • General/Core
    • hm_entityinfo - The following options have been modified for equations:
      • dof - Now returns the list of DOF values in the same order as the inode list. weight - Now returns the 6 DOF coefficient values for grouped together by independent node. The values are returned for each independent node in the same order as the inode list, and in DOF order 1-6.
    • hm_getentityarray/hm_getmarkarray - Have been updated to support the following data names:
      • equations: independentcoeffs, independentdofs, independentnodes sets: by, clauseentitytype, clauseentitytypename, clausetype, end, exceptids, exceptidsmax, idsmax, ids, remove, start
    • hm_getentityvalue/hm_getmarkvalue - The following data names have been corrected:
      • elements:
      • tria3/tria6: shortestaltitude
    • hm_getidpools - Pool names and IDs are now returned in the same order. Pools with no name are no longer returned.
    • hm_info - Added option "duplicateids" to query the current value of the *allowduplicateids setting.
    • *createmark/*appendmark/hm_createmark/hm_appendmark - Have been updated with the following selection methods which allow selection of any entity by attribute or data name values:
      • "by value range"
      • "equal to value"
      • "greater than value"
      • "less than value"
      • "contains value"
      • "by attribute"
      • "by status"
    • *retainmarkselections - No longer marks the database as modified.
  • Template