Get the simplest geometry entity associated with the node.


hm_getnodegeometry node_id geom_type


HyperMesh Tcl Query Command


Get the simplest geometry entity associated with the node. This command returns two types of geometry entities, initial or current. Initial means the geometry to which a node is associated during mesh generation, or the association was imposed using the *nodesassociatetogeometry command. Current means the geometry on which a node is currently placed.


The ID of the node.
geom_type (optional)
An option to return associated geometry type.
initial - Returns the associated initial geometry ID.
current - Returns the associated current geometry ID.
fegeometry - Returns the associated current FE geometry ID.

List containing two values. The first value is a type of geometry. It can have a value of none, point, line, or surface. The second value is an ID of the entity.


hm_getnodegeometry 1


none 0

If the node is associated with more than one geometric entity, only the simplest one is returned by this command. For example, using this command for a node located on the edge of a surface would return "line" and the line’s ID, because the line is simpler (fewer dimensions) than the surface. (A corner node would return a point because the corner is a vertex.)



Version History

2021.2 - Added optional argument geom_type.

2022.1 - Added new valid value fegeometry for optional argument geom_type.