Input Format

The HyperMesh ASCII format simplifies interfacing with external applications not supported by HyperMesh. It also simplifies manual HyperMesh database manipulation. This format is not intended for storage and model retrieval. This format produces much larger files than the binary HyperMesh database format, so it should not be used for general database saving and restoring.
The syntax of the HyperMesh ASCII input file is:
  • Each entity description command begins with an asterisk, *
  • Each entity description command ends with a pair of parentheses, ()
  • The entity description command parameters are separated by commas and contained in parentheses.

HyperMesh restricts the placement of certain entity descriptions in an ASCII input file. For example, in the HyperMesh database, elements must exists within a component. Element descriptions must follow component descriptions so that elements are loaded into the correct component during input.

You can place any number of each entity description command in the input file.

The HyperMesh ASCII commands include the following information:
  • Command description
  • Required arguments
  • Argument data type
  • Argument description
  • Example
  • Comments

The string data type is a list of up to 32 characters enclosed in double quotes. The string data type can include spaces.