Output Format

The HyperMesh ASCII format simplifies interfacing with external applications not supported by HyperMesh. It also simplifies manual HyperMesh database manipulation. This format is not intended for storage and model retrieval. This format produces much larger files than the binary HyperMesh database format, so it should not be used for general database saving and restoring.

HyperMesh includes a template that allows you to output a HyperMesh ASCII database file. Entities in a HyperMesh database are output with this template without requiring further input from the user. When exporting using the hm/general template, HyperMesh always includes geometry data.

The following table indicates the HyperMesh input translator and template for the HMASCII finite element code.
Table 1.
Finite Element Code HyperMesh Input Translator Template
HyperMesh ASCII hmascii hm/general