Process Manager

Use the Process Manager to rapidly develop and deploy process automation applications for standard product engineering practices within the HyperWorks environment using the Process Manager.

The Process Manager is a programmable task management software that guides you through pre-defined standard work processes.

Process Manager is comprised of the following components:
  • Process Manager
  • The Framework
Process Manager can be invoked from various HyperWorks products, such as HyperMesh, MotionView, HyperView and HyperGraph. Process Manager allows you to:
  • Read a process template
  • Create a process tree, and hosts various modules
  • Create a new process instance
  • Open an existing process instance
  • Save a current process instance
  • Replay a process instance
Process Manager can also be run in stand-alone mode by writing a simple script file or a batch file for Windows, as shown below. Be sure to modify the variables ALTAIR_HOME and DEF_TEMPLATE, so that they will suit your individual situation.
@echo on
if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" setlocal

REM Please modify the following 2 lines
set ALTAIR_HOME=c:\Altair\hw10.0
set DEF_TEMPLATE=%ALTAIR_HOME%\demos\pmgr\simple\simple.pmt

set HWPM_HOME=%ALTAIR_HOME%\javaapps\WIN32\pmgr
set ALTAIR_JIDE_LIB="%HWPM_HOME%\lib\jide-action.jar;%HWPM_HOME%\lib\jide-components.jar;%HWPM_HOME%\lib\jide-designer.jar;%HWPM_HOME%\lib\jide-dialogs.jar;%HWPM_HOME%\lib\jide-dock.jar;%HWPM_HOME%\lib\jide-grids.jar"
set ALTAIR_MONARCH_LIB="%HWPM_HOME%\lib\mchart.jar;%HWPM_HOME%\lib\mgraph.jar"
set JRE_HOME=%ALTAIR_HOME%\hw\jre\WIN32\jre
set JRE_ARGS=-DHWPM_HOME=%HWPM_HOME% -DHWS_PATH=%ALTAIR_HOME%\hw\lib\win32 -Xms128m -Xmx512m
set ALTAIR_CLASSNAME=com.altair.hwm.toolkit.frame.HWMAppFrameView

if "%LM_LICENSE_FILE%" == "" set LM_LICENSE_FILE=%ALTAIR_HOME%\security\altair_lic.dat

Stand-alone Process Manager is not to be confused with Process Manager running from within stand-alone HyperMesh. Stand-alone Process Manager will be used widely in processes that do not primarily use HyperWorks.

Process Studio is a process authoring tool that allows you to create a process template (.pmt) with customized controls for use in Process Manager. The user interface for each task in a process, also known as a HWPM Page, is created by dragging and dropping HWPM Controls and "stitching" them together. The process tree can also be created interactively, and each task can be associated with a HWPM Page. Each task can be associated with a Tcl module also, if an already programmed module exists. Programmers can add to the suite of available HWPM Controls by writing Java Beans.

The Framework includes a robust set of APIs that each of the modules mentioned above has the ability to access.