Process Manager Toolbar

Toolbar Option Action
New Process Instance Creates a new file to save the current instance of the currently loaded instance.
Open Process Instance Opens an existing process instance of the currently loaded instance.
Save Process Instance Saves the current process instance.
Close Process Instance Closes the current process instance.
Save As Process Instance Saves the process instance in a name given by you.
Execute Process Runs the process from the beginning.
Go Runs the process from the current step.
Stop Stops the running process.
Register Process Template Adds or removes process templates in the registry.
Show Data Model Viewer Allows you to view and edit data that is stored in the data model of the developed template.
Change Font Setting on Tree View Allows you to edit the font setting on the tree view.
Message Log Displays the Process Manager Message Log.
About Process General Process Manager information.

To load a template, use the browse button on the top right corner of the Process Manager window. Alternately, a registered template can be loaded from the drop down beside the template browse button.

The toolbar icons, such as New, Open, Save, Close, Play and Stop, will not be enabled unless a template is loaded.

When you create a process instance, files with the following extension will be created in the instance directory:
Process instance.
Other files relevant to Process Manager include:
Process template (or process definition file). Created in the template directory by Process Studio.
Stores Process Manager environment configuration. Created in the template directory by the Process Studio.
Stores your registered processes. Created in your home directory by the registration tool in Process Manager.
Process Manager page exported by Process Studio.

Right-Click Menu Options

Once a template has been loaded, you will be able to add breakpoints and skip tasks using the right-click menu options.
Breakpoints stop the process at the area of insertion allowing your input or review.
You also skip a task in the process by inserting a skip point at that task.
This option displays information related to the highlighted task in the process tree.