hwI3DViewCtrl RotateCounterClockwise

Rotates the model counter-clockwise about an axis perpendicular to the screen.


viewControl_handle RotateCounterClockwise


HyperView Tcl Modify


This command allows you to rotate the model counter-clockwise about an axis oriented perpendicular to the screen. The rotation angle is defined using the SetRotationAngle command.


To rotate the model counter-clockwise:
hwi OpenStack;
    variable t [expr rand()];

    catch {
        hwi GetSessionHandle sess$t;
        sess$t GetProjectHandle proj$t;
        proj$t GetPageHandle page$t [proj$t GetActivePage];
        page$t GetWindowHandle win1$t 1;
        page$t GetWindowHandle win2$t 2;
        win1$t GetViewControlHandle vc1$t;
        vc1$t SetRotationAngle 15;
        vc1$t RotateCounterClockwise 15;
    hwi CloseStack;


Returns HW_IllegalOp if the client window does not support this command.