hwI3DViewCtrl TumbleView

Allows rotation of the model by performing a dynamic rotation.


viewControl_handle TumbleView


HyperView Tcl Modify


This command allows you to perform a dynamic rotation of the model. When the command is first executed, it waits for the cursor to move into the graphics area. The left mouse button can then be pressed and moved to rotate the model, the middle mouse button can be used to change the center of rotation by clicking on the model, and the right mouse button can be used to cancel the operation.
Note: Moving the mouse outside of the graphics area will also cancel the operation.


To begin a tumble view:
  hwi OpenStack;
    variable t [expr rand()];

    catch {
        hwi GetSessionHandle sess$t;
        sess$t GetProjectHandle proj$t;
        proj$t GetPageHandle page$t [proj$t GetActivePage];
        page$t GetWindowHandle win1$t 1;
        page$t GetWindowHandle win2$t 2;
        win1$t GetViewControlHandle vc1$t;
        vc1$t TumbleView;
    hwi CloseStack;


This command should not return any errors.