Gets a curve handle.




HyperWorks Tcl Query


This procedure implements minus options.

This procedure returns a curve handle of HyperGraph.

If no page ID is requested, then it operates on the current/active page.

If no window ID is given, then it returns a note handle of the active window.

If the option "mathRef" is applied, then it overrides all other options.

Mandatory Arguments


Optional Arguments

-clientHandle "plot client handle"
The handle (object reference to a plot client).
-curve "curveID"
The curve ID of the requested curve.
-mathRef "mathRef"
The math reference of the requested curve. If this option is applied, then all other options are ignored.
-page "pageID"
The page ID of the requested page.
-window "windowID"
The window ID of the requested window.


Returns a curve handle.


set firstCurveHandle [::hwp::GetCurve]
set curveHandle [::hwp::GetCurve -page 3 - window 2-curve 2]