Gets a vector handle.




HyperWorks Tcl Query


This procedure implements minus options.

This procedure returns a vector handle of HyperGraph.

If no page ID is requested, then it operates on the current/active page.

If no window ID is given, then it returns a note handle of the active window.

If the option "mathRef" is applied, then it overrides the options window and page. There must be exactly one of the options "curve", "mathRef", or "curveHandle" present.

Mandatory Arguments

-vector "vector type"
The vector type of the requested vector. Possible options include:
  • "x"
  • "y"
  • "time"
  • "category"

Optional Arguments

-curve "curveID"
The curve ID of the requested curve.
-curveHandle "curve handle"
The curve handle of the requested curve.
-mathRef "mathRef"
The math reference of the requested curve. If this option is applied, then all other options are ignored.
-page "pageID"
The page ID of the requested page.
-window "windowID"
The window ID of the requested window.


Returns a vector handle of a specified curve.


set yVectorHandle [::hwp::GetVector -curve 2 -vector y]