Translates ASCII files from MF/FLOW, MF/COOL, MF/WARP, MF/GAS. hmmflow also translates .OUT ASCII results files from MOLDFLOW to HyperMesh binary results files.


The syntax to translate ASCII files (other than .OUT files) is:

hmmflow [arguments] <input file> (without extensions) <output file> <model file>

The syntax to translate .OUT ASCII files is:

hmmflow -out [other arguments] <input file><output file> <model file>




.OUT file translation is separate from the translation of other files. For translating .OUT files, use the -out option. If both .OUT files and other ASCII files need to be translated, run hmmflow twice - once with the -out option and once without the -out option.


[arguments] can be any of the following:
Process results from MF/FLOW
Process results from MF/COOL
Process results from MF/WARP
Process results from MF/GAS
Front Temperature
Instant Temperature
Air Trap
Weld Lines
Gplentry From
Maximum Shear
Maximum Stress
Flow Angle
Equivalent Viscosity
Percent Frozen
Cooling Time
Shear Rate
Shear Stress
Maximum Hold Pressure
Hold Time
Percent Volume Shrink
App. Density
Bottom Temperature
Top Temperature
Temperature Difference
Part Average Temperature
Part Maximum Temperature
Peak T.Pos
Top Frozen (%)
Diff. Frozen (%)
Reynolds Number
Flow Rate
Circular Pressure
Sh. Parallel
Sh. Perpendicular
Sh. Isotropic
Sh. Volume
Oriange (Orientation Angle)
Gas Time
Percent Polymer
[other arguments] can be any of the following:
Warp Value
Gauss point stresses (if this option is used, stresses at the 3 gauss points are automatically output)
Moment-x (3 points)
Moment-y (3 points)
Twist-xy (3 points)
Shear-xz (3 points)
Shear-yz (3 points)
The following options can also be used:
Translation is performed on disk
Number of entities (10000 default)
Scratch file name
The following files are input from the results translator hmmflow:
  • inputfile.fnr
  • inputfile.fNN, where NN is a number from 0 to 99.
  • inputfile.fer
  • inputfile.tNN, where NN is a number from 0 to 99.
  • inputfile.pnr
  • inputfile.pNN, where NN is a number from 0 to 99.
  • inputfile.per
  • inputfile.vNN, where NN is a number from 0 to 99.
  • inputfile.cep
  • inputfile.cem
  • inputfile.sev
  • inputfile.out

The name of a simulation indicates if it is from MF/FLOW, MF/COOL, MF/WARP, or MF/GAS. The name ends with _F if it is from MF/FLOW, _C if it is from MF/COOL, _W if it is from MF/WARP and _G if it is from MF/GAS.

Only trias and 1D elements are supported.

In the case of model files produced for .OUT files, each element group of the .OUT file corresponds to a HyperMesh component GroupN, where N is the group ID. Each of these groups can be viewed individually by selecting the Display panel from the permanent menu.