A graphics translator which extracts components from an input file and creates a MotionView graphics file.


mvg inputfile [outputfile] [[-m merged_name] [-c component_name] ...] ... [-f filename] [-a angle]




The name of the input file. The inputfile can be any of the following formats:
.obj file HyperMesh ASCII database file.
PDGS file
Stereolithography file (.stl, .sla).
The name of the MotionView graphics (.g) file to be created.
Merge the following components into a single real component image named merged_name. A part can have only one real component image. If you wish to attach several components from the input file to a single part, you must merge them.
Extract the specified component from the input file. Multiple components can be merged together to create a single real component image in MotionView.
Read the component list from the specified file.
Specify angle for edge detection. MotionView creates a smooth surface from faceted data by averaging normals at the vertices. If the angle between two facets is less than a, then the vertex normals are not averaged at the shared edge. This produces a distinct edge between the facets. The default is 135.


Generate a .g file named sample.obj.g. Keep all components with their names.
mvg sample.obj
Generate a .g file named sample.g. Merge all components in sample.obj into one real component image called carbody.
mvg sample.obj sample.g -m carbody
Generate a .g file named sample.g. Merge components metal and glass from sample.obj into a single real component image named carbody.
-c metal -c glass
Generate a .g file named sample.g. Merge the components listed in comp.lst into a single real component image.
mvg sample.obj sample.g -f comp.lst


See *AddObject() in MotionScript Reference for more information on attaching real component images to parts. The mvg custom wizard is included in the installation but is not registered by default.

To register the custom wizard, add the following line to the preferences file:
*RegisterCustomWizard(mvg, "MVG", { getenv("ALTAIR_HOME") + "/utility/mbd/custom_wizards/mvg.mdl" })