Filter Attributes

The entire session is shown in the Parameters Browser, but you can simplify the list by using the filters at the top of the browser. To access the filters, right-click in the Parameters Browser and click Show Filter:

Figure 1.
Allows you to select specific client type(s) to display. Check those you want to display in the browser; uncheck to hide. Click OK to close the window.

Figure 2.
Click to select all client types.
Click to deselects all client types.
Click to reverse the current selection.
You can also select groups of entities based on a wildcard search. For example, if you type *collector and press Enter, all entity types ending with "collector" will be checked and display in the list. You can fine-tune the search by selecting one of the following options from the icon:
Match case
Only selects items that match the entered text exactly, including upper/lower case letters.
Whole name
Only selects items whose entire name matches the specified text. For example, typing pillar in the Matching: field when using the Whole name option will not locate a component named "CH-A-PILLAR-B-I-L". To find such a component, you would need to run a wildcard search for something such as *pillar*.
Distinguishes which types of entities to display. Select an option from the drop down menu to display only that entity type. Select All to display all entities.

Figure 3.
Options include: Curves, Datum Lines, Headers/Footers, Math Expressions, Measures, Notes, Plot Colors, Results, Sections, Titles, Tracing, and Tracking.
Activates a field for entering text to display only those items that contain that text. For example, entering "*color" displays all attributes that specify colors.
Saves the current session, with the parameters selected, as a report template automation script (*.tpl file). This script can be run at any time from the Flexible Report Templates dialog.