Report Template Limitations

The report templates are set up and applied in two different modes: authoring mode and review mode.

Authoring Mode

In authoring mode, you set up the layout of the windows and pages and parameterize the measures, curves, and so on, in the current session. You can retrieve the parameters from a saved session and modify them. New parameters can be added without losing any information.

Review Mode

The review mode applies the report templates on multiple iterations. Once a report template is overlaid, appended, or replaced to an existing session, the association of the report parameters with the original object is lost. All changes to the parameter definitions must be made in the original template before overlaying or appending with any session.

Multiple Report Templates

If there are multiple report templates, it is recommended to parameterize individual templates before combining all of them into one session. In Overlay mode, the parameter table is cleared when a report template is overlaid with a session containing parameters. In Append mode, the parameter table represents the last loaded template. In Replace mode, the parameter table represents the last loaded template.

Copying and Pasting Entities

If an entity such as a note or a curve is copied and pasted to the same window or a different window, the parameter referring to any of the properties of this entity is not associated with the copied entity. Similar behavior is expected when a window is copied and pasted to a different location. The parameters from the source window are not applied to the copied location.