PPT Export Options - Format

Define the AVI publishing settings when using PowerPoint Publishing.

The Use embedded player option allows published AVI videos to be presented in Microsoft PowerPoint as they would be when inserted manually by a PowerPoint user. Starting in HyperWorks 2017.1, this is the new default mode, and it is used when the Use embedded player check box is activated. Formerly, HyperWorks could only publish video into PowerPoint using a generic stand-in icon and external video player. To use this former mode, deactivate the Use embedded player option.
Note: This is supported for PowerPoint 2013 and higher.

Figure 1.

Figure 2. Video displayed in PowerPoint when the Use embedded player option is selected.

Limit Resolution to 2050 Pixels for Motion JPEG Type AVI Video Option

Pixel resolution is defined by the Limit resolution to 2050 pixels for Motion JPEG type AVI video option, which is on by default. When active, AVI video published by HyperWorks in the Motion JPEG format, which is the default mode for AVI recordings, will be limited to a maximum horizontal resolution of 2050 pixels. This is necessary because the Motion JPEG decoding software built in to most Windows installations has a latent defect, which causes very high resolution video to display artifacts or not display at all. If not checked, video published in this format will be inserted into PowerPoint using the previous method of the stand-in icon with external video player.

Alternatively, you can select a different palette setting from the Export Settings AVI dialog, which can be found on the Preferences > Export Settings > AVI menu. From the Palette menu, select the Windows Compressor option. This option is only feasible when running on Windows (it is not available on Linux). Other palette settings such as ‘Full Color’ or ‘Reduced Color’ will result in extremely large or poor quality video files.

Figure 3.
You can use the video slider bar control in PowerPoint to start and stop the animation, or go to a specific point in time in the video.

Figure 4.

See this note regarding legend resolution in PowerPoint when publishing AVI files to a multi-window layout.