PowerPoint Publishing Options

Publishes your session to a new PowerPoint file. Publish will always add pages to a PowerPoint presentation, while Synchronize will update the linked objects in PowerPoint.
Note: When you are publishing your session for the first time to a new PPT, Publish is the only option available on this dialog.
Opened PPT
Publishes or synchronizes your session to an open PowerPoint file.
Select PPT on Disk
Publishes or synchronizes your session to a saved PowerPoint file.
Synchronize when Publishing
Synchronizes your session data to PowerPoint when publishing. This will first synchronize the existing PowerPoint presentation and then append your PowerPoint presentation with the pages and windows that you selected from the Session Browser.
Synchronize HyperGraph Notes
If selected, the HyperGraph notes are synchronized upon publishing.
Click Synchronize to transfer the updates made in your HyperWorks Desktop session to your currently linked PowerPoint presentation.
Click Publish to add new slides to the PowerPoint PPT for all of the checked page titles, windows, and tagged notes from HyperWorks Desktop, with respect to what is selected to be published in the Session Browser.
Note: Publish always appends news slides to the opened or saved PowerPoint PPT. You must rearrange the order of the slides in PowerPoint to insert pages later.
PPT Options
Displays the PPT Export Options dialog. Use this dialog to define your presentation layout when first publishing to a new PowerPoint presentation.
Closes the dialog.