MediaView Menus

The MediaView menus provide quick access to panels and tools.


From the Annotations menu, you can add headers, footers, and notes to your video files and static images. You can also access the Measures, Marker Tracing, and Marker Tracking panels.
Icon Panel Behavior
Headers and Footers Headers and footers can be specified on the Headers/Footers panel.
Measures Draw a line across any portion of a static or movie image and display the value of the area covered by the line in pixels.
Notes Add notes to video files to annotate the image.
Marker Tracing Trace markers with respect to user-defined coordinate systems created on the Marker Tracking System panel.
Marker Tracking System Establish a dynamic local coordinate system based on one or two tracing markers.


The Tools menu in MediaView provides access to panels that change the way video files and static images are displayed in the graphics area. These include Filmstrip and Overlay, and access to the Synchronize Animation controls.
Icon Panel Behavior
Filmstrip Create a page type that displays a series of frames from the same movie at specified time offsets.
Overlay Alternate the display of overlaid images or movie files using the Overlay panel.
None. Synchronize Animation Synchronize windows that contain animation results in different units and/or begin at different time steps.

For more information, see Synchronize Animation in the HyperView on-line help.


From the Preferences menu, you can access Export Settings and the Options panel.
Export Settings
Select a file type to define the parameters for each:
  • AMF
  • AVI
  • H3D
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PPT Options
See the Export Settings topic in the HyperWorks Desktop Overview help for more information.
Displays the Options panel.