Inertia Relief (optimization)

Inertia relief allows the simulation of unsupported structures. Typical applications are an airplane in flight, suspension parts of a car, or a satellite in space.

With inertia relief, the applied loads are balanced by a set of translational and rotational accelerations. These accelerations provide body forces, distributed over the structure in such a way that the sum total of the applied forces on the structure is zero.

You can select whether to use inertia relief in the Load Cases section of the Run Optimization window.

  1. On the Strucutres ribbon, click the button on the Optimize icon. The Run Optimization window appears.

  2. Select an optimization type, objective, constraints, and options.
  3. Click the chevron next to Load Cases to expand the section.
  4. Select Use Inertia Relief.

  5. Click the Run button to start the optimization using the selected load cases.
  6. When complete, double-click the name of the run to view the results.