Speed/Accuracy (optimization)

The Speed/Accuracy option allows you to prioritize speed or accuracy when running an optimization.

You can define the Speed/Accuracy in the Run Optimization window. For optimization, the Speed/Accuracy setting is set to Faster by default. In the vast majority of cases, this setting is sufficient to obtain good conceptual designs. The More Accurate setting is really only necessary when a great degree of accuracy is required for frequency constraints. Selecting More Accurate will significantly increase total run time.

  1. On the Strucutres ribbon, click Run Optimization on the Optimize icon.

  2. Select an optimization Type and Objective. The options in the Run Optimization window will change based on which options you select.
  3. Click the button next to Speed/Accuracy and select Faster or More Accurate.

  4. Set the remaining options for the run as desired.
  5. Click Run to start the optimization. While the optimization run is in progress, you can monitor its status using the Run Status window.
  6. When complete, double-click the name of the run to view the results.