Show Analysis Results

Review the resutls of a casting analysis.

Results must be available in the Run History before viewing.

  1. Click Show Analysis Results on the Run icon.

  2. In the Analysis Explorer, select a Run, Stage, and Result Type.
  3. Optional: Enable the various Show options to determine what is visible for the analysis.
  4. Optional: Enable the various Callouts options to show analysis results at a point of interest on your model. The callout values apply to the currently selected run.
  5. Analyze the run.
    • To turn on Animation, click . Change the speed of the animation by clicking the icon and using the Speed slider.
    • To see what areas on your model are under the greatest stress, adjust the results slider.
      Tip: Restore the result slider's default values by clicking .
    Note: Click to record a video of the simulation. Click the button again to stop the recording. Browse to Documents/Altair/captures to review the video.

  6. Click to review simulation settings for the run, including information on components, process, stages, mesh, and the model.
  7. Click under Info to review the factors and result for clamping force. Edit the saftey factor field to change the result.