Use Advanced Meshing with SimLab

When running an analysis, automatically export your model and perform advanced meshing in SimLab.

Prerequisite: You must have SimLab installed for this feature to work.
  1. Click Run Analysis on the Analyze icon.

  2. On the Advanced tab, select Use advanced meshing with SimLab.
  3. Click the Run button. As part of the analysis, SimLab will be launched and your model automatically imported.
  4. In SimLab, select the Casting tab.
  5. Use the Mesh Controls, Surface Mesh, and Volume Mesh tools to perform advanced meshing.

    • Mesh Controls: Modify any aspect of the mesh, including the geometry, and features such as fillets and washers, and logos, etc.
    • Surface Mesh: Once the mesh controls have been modified, use this tool to generate, visualize, and query the surface mesh.
    • Volume Mesh: After adjusting the mesh controls and iterating on the surface mesh, use this tool to generate the volume mesh.
    Note: Refer to the SimLab learning center for more information on how to use these tools.
  6. When finished meshing, select the Save and Exit icon on the ribbon.
    Your model will be exported back to Inspire Cast, and the analysis will resume.