Mirror Bodies

Use the Mirror Bodies tool to mirror PolyNURBS bodies across a symmetry plane.

  1. On the PolyNURBS ribbon, select the Mirror Bodies tool.

  2. Optional: Click Bodies on the guide bar, then select one or more PolyNURBS bodies in the modeling window.
  3. Click Plane on the guide bar, then select a face or a reference plane to position the mirror plane.
    A preview of the mirror plane appears when you hover over a face or reference plane. Once a plane is selected, a preview of the mirrored body is shown.
  4. Optional: By default, both the original and the mirrored bodies will be retained in the model. To retain only the mirrored bodies, click Mirror Options on the guide bar, then clear the Keep Original checkbox.
  5. Click Apply on the guide bar or microdialog.
  6. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
    • You can use a global or user-defined reference plane as your mirror plane.
    • To reposition the mirror plane using the Move tool, click the icon.
    • To align the mirrored object to the X-, Y-, or Z-axis, click the icons.