Model Browser

The Model Browser shows all of the objects in your model in a tree structure.

It is useful for organizing your model and for accessing objects that aren't currently shown in the modeling window.

  1. Press the F2 key to open the Model Browser, or use the View menu.

  2. Use the Model Browser to:
    • Find and search for objects in your model.
    • Show and hide objects in your model.
    • Organize parts into assemblies and alternatives.
    • Organize loads, supports, and displacement constraints into load cases.
    • Configure your model by activating and deactivating parts and assemblies.
  • By default, the Model Browser is docked on the left side of the application window, but it can be undocked and repositioned as needed.
  • Each object in the Model Browser is preceded by an icon that indicates the type of object.
  • Some properties such as mass, element size, and thickness can be displayed in the Model Browser by right-clicking on the Object column to open the Browser Properties window.