Translate or rotate sketch entities.

  1. On the Sketch ribbon, select the Transform tool.

  2. Select the sketch entities to translate or rotate.
    Note: Use box selection to select multiple sketch entities.
  3. Drag the relevant handle to translate/rotate the selected sketch entities.
    Tip: To reposition the tool, double-click the handle or hold down Shift while clicking it.

    To temporarily disable snaps, hold down Alt while clicking.

    To Do this Note
    Translate horizontally
    • Drag the T handle.
    • Select the T handle, and then enter the Horizontal distance.
    To maintain or break relations between sketch entities after translation/rotation, select or .

    To restore the original position, select .

    Translate vertically
    • Drag the V handle.
    • Select the V handle, and then enter the Vertical distance.
    • Drag the curved handle.
    • Select the curved handle, and then enter an Angle.
  4. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.