Instead of writing a scenario will directly mesh and solve the project to generate the short circuit of the AFIR.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document
Note: This macro must be only used AFTER loading INIT_AFIR; it is loaded automatically after loading INIT_AFIR. So, don’t load it directly with a blank project.


  • PROJECT_NAME: the project in which the simulation will be saved
  • SHORT CIRCUIT TYPE : introducing the type of short circuit
  • COGGING_TORQUE: establishing or not a meshing that allows more accurate results
  • MAX_CURRENT: maximum value of the three-phase system
  • GAMMA: control angle
  • NB_POINT: Number of points composing the simulation
  • Number of equivalent electrical period simulated corresponding to time simulation
  • Moment of the short circuit
  • NBT: number turn of the coil
  • R: resistivity of the material of the winding
  • MD: mass density of the material of the winding


  • Electrical and mechanical curves of the short circuit process