Macro for exporting force by tooth in general-purpose CSV format. Useful for 3D models of rotating machines.

Previous steps to call the macro:

1. Run the full transient analysis (at least one complete electric period)

2. Open I/O context (mechanical) and create or import support to calculate forces

3. Create data collection: forces for rotating machines using the previous I/O context.

4. Evaluate the data collection

5. Run the macro
Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document


  • Solved scenario
  • A force data collection associated with previous scenario
  • The pilot parameter (if any)
  • The rotor mechanical set
  • Rotor position min and max limits to identify the time instant that will be exported
  • The root of the file name for the CSV files
  • The selection of the type of analysis desired, frequential or temporal


  • A CSV file. It contains a table with nine columns: number of case, mean speed, mean torque, number of the tooth, tooth coordinates (x, y, z), frequency/time, normal force and tangential force